Welcome to the VH Berlin e.V. Research Institute for Baker's yeast


29th VH Yeast Conference

The 29th VH Yeast Conference took place in April 2016, on invitation by GEA Westfalia in Marienfeld, Germany
Further information is available here.
VH Berlin e.V. was founded in 1924 as an association for joint applied research for German baker's yeast manufacturers and developed into a specialised service provider for the international yeast industry.
Located at the Institute for Fermentation Industries and Biotechnology (IfGB), VH Berlin is a non profit association (e.V.), registered in Germany and it provides services and applied research on fields of yeast technology to its 40 international members, from Europe and other countries.
As a neutral, third party test lab, we support yeast manufacturers striving to achieve reliable quality of baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and products derived from it.
Our activities include:
  • Product quality analyses for yeast manufacturers and suppliers
  • Applied research in our pilot plant and on-site
  • Qualification by training personnel, cooperation and consulting
  • Information and documentation

The Research Institute for Baker's yeast comprises three labs, providing quality analyses for fresh, compressed and instant active dry yeast, molasses and sugar syrups, according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified methods and standard operational procedures. 
Our members gain benefits from:
  • our international members’ network and working parties for cooperation
  • reduced participation fees at our annual international "VH yeast conference on advances in science and technology of baker's yeast production"
  • access to literature and our patent search database "VH-Report"
  • access to applied research (subsidies/projects)
VH Berlin e.V. is member of the German Association of Industrial Joint Research Institutes (AIF e.V./IGF) and the Research Association of the German Food Industry (FEI e.V.) and it is authorised to apply for public subsidies for research projects.